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Client Feedback
Dave M. Sgro
"In less than 6 years I have had 49 network placements. I highly recommend this network."
Dave M. Sgro
True North Consultants, Inc.

Marc Tappis
"I have nothing but the highest regard for Top Echelon and am very glad I am a member of such a well run and reputable organization. I have made more than 60 split placements."
Marc Tappis
Opportunity Search, Inc.

Stephanie McGinty
"It allows us to virtually partner with another specialist who may share a similar niche not to mention a similar protocol/style in recruiting so that we both win! It’s called efficiency"
Stephanie McGinty
Ives & Associates, Inc.

Wendy Johnson
"Top Echelon allows me to rely upon other seasoned IT Recruiters to help me post, recruit, and source additional candidates. This has resulted in a 10% increase in billings, and hundreds of thousands of (extra) dollars in my pocket over the years! "
Wendy Johnson
Professionals Incorporated

Maria Hemminger
"My partner Joanna and I started MJ Recruiters in August of 2005. I guess over 80 split placements later, it was a good move.The TEN staff is fun, positive, available and always ready to support me in my recruitment efforts."
Maria Hemminger
MJ Recruiters LLC